Kornitzer Law is a Re-Imagined Law Firm

New Law™️ is a modern legal approach to settling cases, efficiently and fairly.

While other firms boast about their ability to prolong your case by going to court; the New Law© approach targets the “settlement phase” of the case right from the beginning.

It is estimated that over 95% of civil and criminal cases settle without a trial.
Our approach, rides this trend to settlement, quickly and fairly.

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K-LAW represents both plaintiffs and defendants in the case of injury or the infringement of a person’s rights.

Personal Injury (Plaintiff)

Personal Injury (Defendent)


We work with social media influencers and brands across all digital media platforms.

Film & Television

Social Media, Licensing & Branding

Additional Practice Areas

Accepting limited cases in the following fields.
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Civil Litigation

Consumer Protection



Real Estate

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